As we are Ramada Encore By Wyndham Istanbul Kartal, wishing pleased our valuable guests with permanency top quality and the highest level of guest satisfaction in every service and primary goal is to be the best hotel in whole area.
Ramada Encore Hotel Istanbul Kartal aims to maintain the rational and pioneering development in this context.


Ramada Encore By Wyndham Istanbul Kartal is one of the brands that led to developments in the international hotel and tourism sector. Our primary mission is to satisfy the guest and improvement of every member of team in our hotel, supporting environmental sensitivity and 
using Information technologies within  innovative methods. 


Having only traded yarns until 1998, Yunus Tekstil has since diversified its business through the establishment of our twisting, warp production and yarn dyeing plants, and in line with our global goals, our business has been expanded abroad with the opening of our Egyptian plant. In addition to our primary customers, woven label producers, Yunus Tekstil has achieved significant developments in supplying of yarns that can be used in all areas of the textile sector and this quality standard has lead to the launch of our brand name “DOLPHIN.” Able to deliver the desired amount and color of yarns to its customers within the required quality and time frames, Yunus Tekstil keeps adding to its reputation as a trusted supplier. 
Entire production of Yunus Tekstil is currently in Turkey and Egypt and involves all types of polyester yarn dyeing as well as the twisting&warping of yarns ranging from 35 to 450 deniers on “two-for-one” machines.
Our management and staff have adopted the principle “stalling is going backwards”, and believe that constantly learning, sharing and improving are of utmost importance. Motivated by the notions that it is always possible to improve and the customer deserves the best, they always strive to achieve the best they can. 
YUNUS TEKSTİL is well established in the market and thanks to many years of expertise, integrated modern facilities, state of the art machinery and laboratories is among the leading companies in the textile and label sectors. Particularly through the dynamic investments over the last decade it has now proven its worth as a manufacturer and retailer, fast becoming an important name in the local and international woven label markets, and aims to achieve more. It currently exports to many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa and has the goal to increase its exports.